I would wholeheartedly recommend Hannah for anyone looking for a tutor.

Hannah was a maths tutor for both my girls over a period of 10 years.

She tutored them through school and GCSE years. Both my girls lacked confidence in maths before we found Hannah. It definitely wasn’t their favourite subject! However, they soon started to look forward to Hannah coming for maths tutoring. She was incredibly patient and personable and made maths fun. Both girls grew to enjoy maths and they both did exceptionally well in their GCSE exams. They also very much enjoyed and benefited from the maths workshops Hannah organised and ran.

I attribute my girls current confidence in their maths ability and enjoyment of numbers entirely down to tutoring by Hannah. Hannah also took a real interest in the girls and their lives and it was a joy to have her coming to our home each week. She became a part of our family.

I would wholeheartedly recommend Hannah for anyone looking for a tutor."

Made my daughter feel comfortable from the moment she met her

Thank you for tutoring my daughter during her GCSE Maths. We chose Mathematical Minds Tuition after being recommended by a family friend.

My daughter needed some extra support to help get her through her maths exams and to give her more confidence to tackle maths as a subject. Hannah made my daughter feel comfortable from the moment she met her. She felt that Hannah supported her and explained methods in detail and went over concepts until she understood them.

My daughter and I would highly recommend Hannah; if your child needs help with their maths or that extra support to help with their GCSE Maths examinations."

Progressed through to the top set

Our 8 year old daughter has been having tuition from Hannah at Mathematical Minds Tuition for a year and a half and in that time has progressed through to the top set for maths at school. Hannah’s relaxed and friendly approach has increased our daughter’s confidence in maths no end and she always looks forward to the lessons. I would wholeheartedly recommend Hannah to anyone who is looking for additional help with maths."

She boosted my daughter's confidence so much

Both my daughter and I are really pleased with how Marian has helped with her confidence. She boosted my daughter's confidence so much and explained procedures / methods clearly and simply. We have recommended you to a friend of ours already and they are extremely pleased too!"

I would definitely recommend her to anyone

Both of my daughters have always struggled with maths. Hannah was recommended to us and tutored my eldest daughter first. She really liked Hannah as she explained everything in a way she understood and she always felt comfortable and able to ask questions.

She achieved her GCSE and in my daughter's words "I would never have passed without Hannah!" She is now starting a business management degree this September. A couple of years later Hannah tutored my second daughter for her GCSE and greatly improved her confidence with maths and made a huge difference with her understanding and skills at school.

She's just achieved a really good grade and is very happy with her result. Hannah is very reliable, knowledgable, professional and caring and I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for maths tuition."

Made my daughter realise her full potential

I contacted Hannah as my daughter was struggling with her maths at school due to large classes and disruption; she needed to get a good grade for future plans and studies.

From the beginning Hannah advised that if my daughter put in the work the goal was for her sit her GCSE exam with confidence, each week my daughter had a one to one with Hannah, homework was set and quite quickly I could see a difference in that my daughter had begun to enjoy the subject again and her confidence grew rapidly.

My daughter sat her GCSE, achieved a brilliant grade and has gone on to study maths at 'A-level' as the support she has received and continues to receive has made her realise her full potential in the subject. As a tutor I found that Hannah genuinely cared about her students education and progress, absolutely brilliant!"

I will definitely be using Marian's services again

As I approached my AS exams I realised that there were some areas that I didn't quite understand and so I sought the help and tuition of Marian.

She quickly identified the areas that I needed to improve and helped me through them thoroughly yet efficiently, giving me practice questions to work on at home. Marian improved my confidence enormously and consequently my grades improved.

I will definitely be using Marian's services again as I go into year 13. She is friendly and approachable and I would highly recommend her services to anyone who feels they could use some extra support.

Able to provide the one to one support that I needed

I sought the support of Marian during the final few months of studying for my Maths A Level. Although I was doing Ok at college I suddenly had a panic and lost my confidence as the exams approached.

Marian was able to provide the one to one support that I needed during this time, she assessed my areas of weakness and we concentrated on working through questions to improve my knowledge in these areas.

Marian is a very patient teacher who helped restore my confidence and therefore I felt more prepared for the exams. I would recommend Marian as a tutor for anyone requiring some extra support. Thank you Marian.

Everything became so much easier to deal with

I was really struggling with my maths at school and not really understanding the subject, but when I started my tutoring sessions with Hannah I immediately gained confidence with the subject.

When having the sessions with Hannah it gave me an opportunity to ask any questions that I had about both lessons and exams. After a short period of time everything became so much easier to deal with as she explained things in a way that I understood and I cannot thank her enough.

A consistent and structured way of learning

I contacted Marian during the start of second year of studying maths A level, as I had lost a lot of confidence in my abilities in the subject after receiving a disappointing AS level grade.

After just a couple of weeks I began to feel at ease with the subject as Marian provided me with a personal level of support, teaching and explaining everything in an easy, understandable way. During sessions with Marian I was introduced to a range of resources used during both tuition and independent study set by Marian, providing me with a consistent and structured way of learning and ultimately with the achievement of my grade B in A level maths.

I cannot thank Marian enough for her help in not only achieving this grade but for also turning maths back into something I enjoyed.