Who are we?

Hannah Woolstenhulme

I graduated from the University of Exeter in 2008 with a degree in Mathematics and have tutored ever since! I saw tutoring as an opportunity to use my maths skills after finishing my studies; I immediately loved the satisfaction of seeing my tutees progress with their maths and feel more confident in school maths lessons... so I carried on!

I believe it is really important to know why you are learning what you are learning - not just copying it from a book or a whiteboard. Once you know why, I am sure everything becomes just a little bit clearer!

I have also worked with a lot of students who have lost their confidence in maths, for various reasons. It takes encouragement, repetition and building upon their knowledge of each topic. I'm not scary - and no question is a silly one!

I am based in Hampton in Arden, just outside Solihull and normally travel to tutor my students in the comfort of their own home.

I specialise in school Mathematics up to and including GCSE.

Marian Smith

After retiring from teaching Mathematics for over 38 years, my daughter Hannah invited me to join her in tutoring 'in case I got bored'!

Having always enjoyed the satisfaction of seeing my students understand and grow in confidence in their mathematical knowledge, I agreed and have not looked back!

I believe it is essential that students understand what they are doing instead of memorising a method and then trying to apply it.

The students who achieve beyond their perceived potential are those who take responsibility for their studies and ask questions. Confidence is built up through being able to ’do’ a question and then explain it to someone else.

I tend to tutor the A level and GCSE students and really enjoy those 'lightbulb' moments, when a student has understood a concept and can apply it to a problem.

I am based very close to the centre of Solihull and usually hold tuition sessions at my home.

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