How will you establish my child's current level of mathematical ability?

On or before the first session we usually ask that your child completes a practice paper at the appropriate level so that we can see which areas are stronger than others.

This will then allow us to tailor our sessions effectively to provide support where it is needed most.

What teaching materials and resources do you use?

We use a range of workbooks and textbooks to tailor our sessions to your child's requirements. We also use online resources to aid our teaching.

It is always useful for us to have sight of your child's school textbook and/or exercise book if possible.

Do you set homework?

We are happy to set homework for your child if you request it. It is important that they complete the homework set, to make the most of the tuition. If homework is not completed for 3 weeks, we will let you know and may stop providing the extra work.

Will I receive progress updates?

Yes. Normally we provide formal updates at the end of each half term, but we will keep in contact throughout the terms to ensure you are aware of how your child is getting on.

Where do you give lessons?

Depending on your tutor, lessons can take place either at your house or at ours. Please note that due to our tuition schedules, we may only be able to fit you in at one or the other – but this can be discussed when arranging your tuition.

Which weeks do you provide lessons?

Holiday / term dates will be provided at the start of each term. Where we are unable to make a session for whatever reason, we will do our best to find a replacement tutor or where this is not possible, rearrange the session with you.